aplayford compositions for moving images

aplayford music composer, specialising in creating captivating soundscapes for moving images. With a blend of instruments, software, and vocals, he crafts euphoric dystopian soundtracks that resonate with diverse genres, including ambient, electronic, classical, jazz, and blues. Andy's talents also extend to producing orchestral scores that beautifully enhance the storytelling of visual media. His unique approach to music composition adds depth and emotion to the moving image, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Currently seeking new projects and commissions for music creation to accompany visual content. If you are interested in collaborating or have any upcoming film productions that need music, please have a listen to the examples and send a message to info@aplayford.com.

Always keen to explore potential opportunities and bring a passion for sound and music to elevate visual projects. Let's create something extraordinary together! Contact now to discuss further details and possibilities.

You can find some examples of work here


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